Crescendo Cloud

Crescendo Cloud

Control, monitor, and analyze any Crestron processor from the Web

Control, monitor, and analyze
any Crestron processor from the Web

Crescendo Cloud is more than a no brainer, it's a game changer. Cloud data is hard, Crescendo Cloud makes it easy.
— Aaron Rosenbaum, MarkLogic

The premium subscription is recurring monthly revenue I can actually sell. I sell the service, they handle the billing, we all get paid.
— Randy Massey, Electronic Home

Useful monitoring in 10 minutes

  1. Download (1 minute)
  2. Add the driver to your Crestron program (1 minute)
  3. Link and name a few digital, analog, and serial signals (5 minutes)
  4. Compile and load the program to your Crestron processor (2 minutes)
  5. Sign in to Crescendo Cloud using your Google account (1 minute)

Genuine interactivity

Custom SVG UI

Out-of-the-box UI

{{ property | startCase }}{{ value ? 'On' : 'Off' }}

Interactive text console

History in the making

  • Real-time logs for all monitored signals
  • Informative charts of analog data
  • Complete audit trail
  • Unlimited data retention

Crescendo Cloud maintains full data history from the moment a processor goes live. Multiple data points can be tracked in real time with an array of visualisations suitable for applications like room usage and energy management.

Room temperature  Example

Serial port log  Example

COM 2 RX$: "SPATMP 102\r" — 2015-12-29-09:34

Simple, affordable pricing

Just $39 per month  Free Until 1 July 2016

  • No hidden IT costs or complex setup
  • Additional processors in the same project are $10 each

An even split

Dealers share revenues 50/50 and receive electronic payments every month.

Custom floorplans

Beautiful, responsive floorplans are a hallmark of Crescendo Cloud. Anyone can design a custom floorplan UI, but our design services are available a reasonable cost.

  • $2,000 per floor
  • $400 per room

Functionality includes room power, source, occupancy, lighting, and climate. Other functionality is subject to additional charges.

Private Label

Present customers with custom branding, domain, and contact info with Private Label. "Crescendo Cloud" is hidden from end users. Billing and revenue sharing work as usual.

  • $4,500 for design and implementation
  • $100 per month for maintenance

Standard monthly fees apply for each processor.

Private Cloud

Use isolated and dedicated infrastructure with Private Cloud, a completely private solution including optional on-premises hardware. Private Cloud makes custom authentication possible.

  • $7,500 for a comprehensive consultation, which will result in a statement accepting or rejecting each customer requirement
  • $75,000 typical flat-fee for design and implementation
  • $1,000 typical per month for maintenance

Cloud, hardware, and travel costs are not included.

Cutting-edge technology

  • Ultra-low latency real-time synchronization
  • Colossal scalability across worldwide data centers
  • Enterprise-grade security with end-to-end encryption:
    • HTTPS between our Cloud and client devices
    • IPSec between our Cloud and Crestron processors (optional)
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Full audit trail including independent text console sessions
  • Nightly backups to offsite locations

Feature comparison

Crescendo CloudmyCrestron RMSCrestron Fusion
Online statusYesYesYes
Remote IP addressYesYes
(using myCrestron DDNS)
Firmware versionYesNoNo
Interactive text consoleYesNoNo
End-to-end encryptionYesNoNo
End-user interfaceYesNoYes
Out-of-the-box functionalityYes1NoNo
Dealer pricingYesFreeYes
Easy customer billingYesNoNo
Private LabelYesNoNo
Cost$39 per month
($10 each additional processor)
(Price set by dealer)
$5,000 or more
(Free for five processors or fewer)
CaveatsNoneCrestron PYNG-HUB requiredComplex setup necessary
Dedicated server required
  1. Use Crescendo Framework for even more functionality